Hiking Trails


The region of Pilska offers excellent conditions for hiking, Nordic walking and cycling. The area abounds with numerous hiking trails with the views on the peaks and mountain pastures.

Currently on the Polish side of Pilska there are in the following summer marked hiking trails:

image004Red trail:

• Hala Miziowa – Hala Cudzichowa – Hala Rysianka (up 2 h down 1.5 h)
• Hala Miziowa – Pass Glinne (Przełęcz Glinne) (up 1.5 h, down 1 h)

image006The blue trail:

• Korbielów – Pass Przysłopy (Przełęcz Przysłop) (1 h up, down, 0.5 h).

image008Green trail:

• Jeleśnia – Sopotnia Wielka – Hala Jodłowcowa – HalaMiziowa (up 3 h, down 2 h)

• Korbielów – Hala Miziowa (up 2 h, down 1.5 h)

image010Yellow trail:

• Korbielów – Valley Buczynki – Hala Miziowa (up 2.5 h, down 1.5 h)

• Hala Miziowa – the Mount of Five Mounds (Góra Pieciu Kopców) (up 45 min., Down 30 min.)

• Sopotnia Wielka – Pass Przysłopy (Przełęcz Przysłop) – Korbielow (up 1.5 h, down 1.5 h)

image012Black trail:

• Krzyżowa – Lalczarka – Pass Przysłopy (Przełęcz Przysłop) – Hala Malorka – Pass under Buczynka (Przełęcz pod Buczynką) (up 2.5 h, down 1.5 h)

• Hala Miziowa – The Mount of Five Mounds (Góra Pięciu Kopców) (up 45 min., Down 30 min.).
The total length of the summer hiking trails on the Polish side of Pilska is approx. 50 km, and the Slovak side is about 25 km. The Slovak part of Pilska is not as much developed as the Polish one.


In the region of Pilska there are six cycling routes of varying difficulty, two of which run on the slopes of Pilska or near the foot of the mountains and the other along the borders of Pilska or in the close area.
Easy routes:

• Sopotnia Wielka – Krzyżowa, length. 2.6 km (marked as No. 4)

• Korbielów length. 2.8 km (marked as No. 9)
Slightly difficult route:
• Jeleśnia – Sopotnia Mała length. 8.5 km (marked as No. 3)

• Krzyżówka – Korbielów Górny, length. 8.8 km (marked as No. 8)
Difficult and very difficult routes:
• Korbielów – Pilsko, length. 5.1 km (marked as No. 10)

• Jeleśnia – Pewel Wielka, length. 5.1 km (marked as No. 2).
Source: Lajcak A. ‘Monografia masywu ‘Pilska (Beskid Żywiecki), Kraków 2015.